Employee efficiency

The goal of the Yva platform is to improve the corporate health and efficiency of the organization.

Once a week, Yva asks each employee 11 individual questions from 2 categories: 

  • Employee experience: wellbeing, engagement, satisfaction.

  • Employee efficiency: employee-to-employee feedback on performance, informal leadership, and skills based on the 360 assessment principle.

In this section we will talk about Employee efficiency. You can read about Employee experience in https://findoteam.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=1517912087 section.

The "Employee efficiency" category includes:
  • The "Performance" aspect - a weekly assessment of each employee by colleagues. 

  • The "Informal leadership" aspect - identifies influential employees in 5 styles:  Dominance, Innovation, Integration, Protection, Expertise. 

  • The "Skills 360" aspect - provides each employee with a personal account where dashboards are created to display recommendations and ratings of colleagues on 31 skills.