Yva is able to help companies and people measure each other's performance. There exist two questions about employee performance in Yva smart surveys.

Yva asks two questions: one open-ended and one closed. This allows the employee and his or her supervisor to track the performance on a weekly basis. The questions are below.

  • Give your colleague feedback on his or her performance over the past few weeks (5 options: from “Significantly below expectations” to “Significantly above expectations”)

  • Give a comment here: what went well? What could have been done better?

Performance is assessed by feedback from colleagues with whom the person collaborate. This allows to estimate the work of the employee in a versatile and impartial manner.

Yva decides whom the employee evaluates based on his or her collaboration circles. These are the people with whom the employee collaborate at work and colleagues from the same department.

The same employee is offered to the colleague for evaluation no more than once every five weeks. If an employee finds it difficult to describe the work of a colleague he/she can press the button "Can’t say".

The results of performance evaluation and open comments are available to the user in the "My report" section.

The manager has access to the results of assessing the effectiveness of his subordinates, but comments of employees (answers to an open-ended question) are not available.

Previous answers are saved in the system, and users will continue to see them in a personal report in the "Comments" section.