Create an account  

You as an administrator can create an individual account for your company by clicking the European server workspace or US server workspace.

You should select the appropriate authentication method. If your company uses Google Workplace, click "Sign up with Google". If you use Microsoft 365, click "Sign up with Microsoft". If a company uses a different solution or you don't know which solution is installed, use the universal email authentication method. In this case, you will receive an authentication link and a one-time password after entering your email address .

After logging in, the settings page opens. Follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the fields on the screen.

Connect your corporate data sources

The next step is to connect the data source. To do this, go to the menu "Administration" > "Manage sources".

Click the icon of the desired source and follow the system instructions.

Select the access rights and analytics privacy level

The last step in the installation is to select the users that will be considered for analytics by the platform, as well as configure access rights and analytics privacy level. Open the  “Manage users” page to complete this step All the employees uploaded from connected sources appear under “Manage users”. They will be displayed as a list of names and email addresses.

Access rights

By default, all employees only have access to their personal report. If you need to grant more access rights, check the boxes next to employees.

"Company manager rights" provides access to group reports on employees and the company.

"Administrator rights" provides access to the workspace settings.

Analytics privacy levels

Each company can decide on a comfortable analytics privacy level. provides the following privacy levels:

  • Regular surveys (active analytics);

  • Smart surveys (active analytics with collaboration circles)

  • Smart surveys with collaboration analytics (active and passive analytics) ;

  • Collaboration analytics (passive analytics);

By default, will not collect passive data from the employees. It will only collect collaboration circles data to drive the peer-to-peer Smart surveys.

From the list of employees “Administrator” should tick the “Send surveys” checkbox for each employee who should receive the regular surveys.

If a company wants to collect “Content data of digital interactions” from an employee, “Administrator” should tick the “Collect passive data” checkbox for that employee.

You as an administrator can choose both “Send surveys” and “Collect passive data” for the employees.

If the “Include in 360 feedback” checkbox is ticked, peer review is activated. Peer review helps to form the skill map and skill set for an employee. A group of employees or a peer group, for whom the 360 feedback is activated, will receive questions for peer review.

In the "Administration" section, there are also settings for the interface language and time zone for each employee. They are used for synchronizing an employee's work hours with the time for sending surveys.

Recommended startup settings

For the first two weeks, we recommend that you as an administrator do not grant other employees nor the manager any Administrator rights. We also do not recommend connecting employees to surveys for the first two weeks.

During this time, the company should get used to the feedback system and can gradually involve other employees in participation. Then Manager and Administrator rights can also be distributed and surveys can also be launched.

At the initial stage, we recommend enabling passive data collection only: the system will start collecting data and processing it. In the meantime, HR specialists can set up surveys.