To upload emails and chat messages into the system you should do the following:

  1. Get crawling depth with the help of the Get settings method. All emails and chat messages dated earlier than the date of the crawling depth will not be processed and uploading such emails and messages are unnecessary. Thus the dates of emails and chat messages should be more recent than the date returned by the Get settings method.

  2. Use Add mail messages, Add chat messages and Add chat reactions methods to upload emails, chat messages and reactions

We recommend considering the following points:

  • First upload emails from the Sent folder starting from the newest, sent recently, and moving to the older emails close to the date of the crawling depth. It is necessary in order to get the burnout charts as soon as possible as the burnout charts are based on the outcome emails.

  • It is worth uploading emails for a month for all users, then for another month for all users than for the third month etc. or applying any other combination for example, for one month for all users, for three months, for 9 months. This way the burnout charts and collaboration circles analysis used in 360 feedback surveys to be calculated evenly for all users. This becomes especially critical if your team has several hundred users or more.

  • When uploading an email or a chat message or reaction you will get у response from the system if the request is accepted or not. We recommend keeping track of the percentage of emails not uploaded due to some errors. If this percentage is more than 5%, it is worth paying attention to the emails or messages which failed to be added due to the error

  • We recommend uploading statistics using the Add mail folders statistics method. This information is used for statistics and diagnostics.