Data controller and data processor

The Platform Customer is the Data Controller and Yva is the Data Processor of Customer Data. will Process Customer Data in accordance with Data Processing Addendum (DPA). In some circumstances, Customer may be a Processor, in which case Customer appoints Yva as Customer's sub-processor, which shall not change the obligations of either Customer or Yva under DPA, as Yva will always remain a Processor with respect to Customer in such event.

Data subjects

Customer's employees and End-Users as defined in License Agreement for Self-hosted Solutions and Terms of Service for Cloud Services.

Instructions for processing of customer data will Process Customer Data in accordance with the following instructions: handling (including recording, structuring, organization) storing, sharing with subprocessors, accessing and reviewing Customer Data for the Processing purposes set out in this DPA.

Categories of customer Data

Purposes of processing

Duration of processing

  1. Account ID: Email address

Job-related Profile Information (e.g. First and last name; 

  1. Job Title;

  1. Timezone:

  1. Department/Group; Employee ID)

  1. End User Corporate Activity Data (e.g. IP Address; Email Meta Data; Content of the message; Other connected corporate sources data)

  1. End User Answers to Surveys and other information that Shared on the Cloud Services by Customer or End Users

  1. To provide Cloud Services in order to deliver End User engagement and performance analytics of the past and current activities and the predictive analytics insights about the best practices inside your organization and to detect areas of improvement (Account ID, Job-related Profile Information, End User Corporate Activity Data, End User answers to Surveys and other information)

  1. To provide support services (Account ID, Job-related Profile Information)

  1. To develop and improve our Cloud Services (Account ID, Job-related Profile Information, End User Corporate Activity Data, End User answers to Surveys and other information).

During the period of duration of the Terms.

Upon written request from Customer’s authorized representative (which for purposes of this section is any Customer employee that is either a billing owner or an Administrator of the Service or who has confirmed in writing that they are authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Customer), Yva shall delete or anonymize such Personal Data from main servers during 1 month after such request in accordance with its requirements under Applicable Law.

Yva will delete Personal Data from archival and back-up files in 6 months after such request provided by Yva's internal data deletion practices and as required by Applicable Law.

Personal sources 

YVA NEVER COLLECTS AND NEVER PROCESSES Data Subjects’ personal sources and services including but not limited to: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Gmail, etc.