The platform allows determining the position of an employee in the communication network within the organization. To do this, the platform uses ONA methods and provides the user with the following metrics:

  • The number of edges of an employee, as the number of communication links between an employee and colleagues based on the specified parameters (for example, the volume of communication or the balance of communication. When setting the communication balance as a parameter, the system will not take into account edges that do not fall within this interval. For example, if the balance is equal to 20, all edges in which the employee sent or received less than 20% of the communication with a colleague will be cut off).

  • The Degree centrality is the number of edges of employees normalized to the segment [0,1].

  • A cross-functional cluster, as the number of a group of employees communicating with each other, is calculated using the Louvain method.

  • The Eigenvector centrality is a relative numerical value that characterizes the" importance " of an employee in the network according to the HITS method.

  • The Closeness centrality is a relative numerical value that characterizes the number of "handshakes" through which this employee can contact any other employee of the company. It is calculated using the proximity degree method.

  • The Betweenness centrality is a relative numerical value that characterizes how often this employee connects with other employees of the company in communications. It is calculated by the method of the degree of mediation.

The metric data can be found in the Reports API: