General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance takes all necessary measures to ensure that it is GDPR-compliant:

  •, Inc. has conducted an information audit to map data flows.

  •, Inc. has documented what personal data, Inc. holds, where it came from, who, Inc. shares it with and what, Inc. does with it. 

  •, Inc. has completed DPIA in respect of the SaaS platform.

  •, Inc. has an appropriate data protection policy.

  •, Inc. has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

  • Decision-makers and key people in, Inc. business demonstrate support for data protection legislation and promote a positive culture of data protection compliance across the business.

  •, Inc. manages information risks in a structured way so that management understands the business impact of personal data related risks and manages them effectively.

  •, Inc. has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to integrate data protection into, Inc. processing activities.

  •, Inc. provides data protection awareness training for all staff. 

  •, Inc. only processes data on the documented instructions of a controller and there is a written contract setting out the respective responsibilities and liabilities of the controller and, Inc. business.

  •, Inc. has sought prior written authorization from the data controller before engaging the services of a sub-processor.

  •, Inc. has effective processes to identify and report any personal data breaches to the controller.

  •, Inc. has a process to respond to a controller's request for information (following an individuals' request to access their personal data).

  •, Inc. has processes to ensure that the personal data, Inc. holds remains accurate and up to date.

  •, Inc. has a process to routinely and securely dispose of personal data that is no longer required, in line with the agreed timescales stated in, Inc. contract with the controller.

  •, Inc. has procedures to respond to a controller's request to suppress the processing of specific personal data.

  •, Inc. can respond to a request from the controller to supply the personal data, Inc. process in an electronic format.

  •, Inc. has an information security policy supported by appropriate security measures.

  •, Inc. business operates outside the EU,, Inc. has appointed a representative within the EU in writing: 

Ametros Ltd, 

Unit 3D, North Point House, 

North Point Business Park, New Mallow Road, 

Cork, Ireland

International economic sanctions (IES) compliance and KYC/KYS policies, Inc. develops its global reputation as a reliable partner through doing business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations., Inc. follows a "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to any breach of the requirements set forth in the applicable legislation., Inc. has developed the Sanctions Compliance and KYC/KYS Policy to ensure that our standards of business cooperation are properly codified.

International economic sanctions (IES) - restriction or prohibition of trade and financial operations set forth in laws and regulations and aimed to achieve security or foreign policy objectives. International economic sanctions can be imposed both by separate states and by international organizations in relation to individuals and legal entities, organizations, or countries. IES can take various forms - from a prohibition on the entry of individuals to freezing assets, financial restrictions, a ban on the supply of different sorts of equipment, etc., Inc. Sanctions Compliance and KYC/KYS Policy is intended to provide information on IES regulations for the understanding of its basic elements and rules, general guidance to the, Inc.'s personnel to ensure that they discharge their responsibilities in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations, verification procedure, that the, Inc. personnel must follow to check each Third-party before starting any Business relations with this Third-party to avoid violation of IES laws and regulations.

Bankruptcy, offences, litigation 

There is no pending litigation against our business. 

No bankruptcy order has been made for or is being applied for, our business, or any of its directors or shareholders. No composition or arrangement has been entered in for the benefit of our creditors nor has such arrangement been requested. 

We tolerate no form of and do not engage in any form of corruption or bribery, including any payment or other form of the benefit conferred on any government official for the purpose of influencing decision-making in violation of the law. Our business has not been found guilty of any offence in relation to an act of bribery or corruption. 

Our business has not been found guilty of any offence in relation to competition legislation, trade sanctions, or export controls. 

Our business has not been found guilty of any offence in relation to financial crimes including fraud and money laundering.