To successfully launch surveys, you need to go through this checklist and follow the steps indicated in it.

Preparation and log in

  1. Get access to and Administrator rights.

  2. Check who is connected: go to and see which employees are connected.

  3. Check the “Collect passive data” box. Not to check the “Collect surveys” box (this launches surveys!).

  4. Determine from what employees feedback collection is not needed: uncheck the “Collect 360 surveys” checkbox at these employees.

  5. Set up rights for employees, managers and top managers. At first, the recommended rights for everyone are “Employee” only.

Launch of the test survey

  1. Send 2-3 people a link to check the sending by email or other collaboration channel. Check authorization, display of personal dashboard and access rights.

  2. Test the survey.

Survey setup

  1. Check the “Collect surveys” boxes for all employees.

  2. Choose whether or not to select “Send all basic questions”.

  3. Set up the anonymity of replies in the feed.

  4. Configure the day of the week and time for sending surveys.


  1. Prepare materials for communication.

  2. Draw up a communication plan.

  3. Explain to employees the benefits and advantages of implementing surveys.

  4. Check the “Send survey” box to start the surveys.

  5. Appoint responsible persons who will answer employees' questions about the platform.